Remuneration & benefits  

Composition of overall remuneration

Štruktúra celkovej odmeny

Creating and setting of the remuneration strategy

Objective: fair access in payment = more competitiveness and attractiveness to potential employees.

Remuneration strategy is adjusted depending on the following:

  • the company's overall strategy
  • setting goals/key parameters
  • internal conditions in the company
  • market situation
  • the size of the company
  • sector of the economy
  • business focus


The basic question: "Is a remuneration of job position set correctly according to the market and the sector?"


  • Policy and remuneration system
  • Structure of the basic/total payroll
  • Salary structures
  • Job position
  • The proportion of variable and fixed part of salary in the total monthly or annual salary.
  • The remuneration of specific employees

Target groups for analyses:

  • All managerial levels of company
  • Core business staff (sales staff, senior specialists)
  • Non-managerial staff
  • Specific groups of employees

HR Controling

HR Controlling = to control the overall running of the company through HR Controlling parameters.

  • Is designed for optimization and efficient management of human resources
  • Is designed as a basis for decision making in management
  • Is designed as a basis for planning the cost and manpower
  • Points out the potential deviations
  • Determines which proposals measures are necessary to improve

Benefits Policy

Surveys have identified that the staff determine the competitive advantage of the company they wish to work for, through the benefits it provides.

  • Benefits policy setting due to the strategy of the company.
  • Analysis of the current status quo.
  • Identification of the appropriate product and social benefits.
  • Comparison with the market and the competition.

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